Which Gambling Bonus To Choose

Which Casino Bonus Should I Choose

If you are new to online casino, you certainly have to consider the type of bonus to choose. There are several online casino bonuses available and each casino has its own terms and conditions regarding clearing the bonus. Many new players tend to think that the casino bonus offered by online casinos is money that you can make use of right away but this is not true at all. Before you can make use of your online casino bonus, you first need to clear it and clearing of your bonus can only be done while using real money. In this guide, I will outline several online casino bonuses available and this will help you to select the best choice.

Welcome Bonus – This is a common bonus offered by several online casinos to its new players. The welcome bonus is also known as the sign-up bonus or new player bonus. Casinos will offer this type of bonus to each new player who registers at their site for the first time. However, sign-up bonus tends to be very difficult and complex when clearing it. They would recommend you to wager with the bonus so several times while playing games such as slots, roulette, and blackjack.

Welcome deposit bonus – This is yet another common bonus offered by several online casino to its new players but it is slightly different from the common welcome bonus. The sign-up deposit bonus is only given to a new player when s/he makes the his or her initial deposit.  This type of bonus is easy to clear because it all depends on how much you deposit. The higher your deposit amount is the higher the bonus gets and a higher bonus is tough to clear but players can clear it as a percentages unlike compared to the welcome bonus at which you need to clear the entire bonus so as to make use of it.

Reload Bonus – is another type of casino bonus that is offered to existing players. It is similar to the sig-up deposit bonus but the only difference is that each time you make a deposit, you get to receive a bonus and it also need to be cleared the same way as the sign-up deposit bonus.

No-deposit bonus – This type of bonus is offered to players without having to deposit any money to your account and it is similar to the welcome deposit bonus. With this bonus, players are able to wager with it immediately at various games but not all and it helps new players who need to master a certain casino game and learn its strategies. The only problem with no-deposit bonuses is that players cannot cash it out but only wager it at certain casino games.

Loyalty Bonus and Refer A Friend Bonus – Loyalty bonus is a type of casino bonus that is given to players who have been frequently playing at that casino site of preference. The loyalty bonus can be immediately redeemed for cash or you can makes use of it as real money to wager at any casino game. Another bonus that is available immediately is the Refer A Friend Bonus. For every friend you refer to the site and makes a deposit, your account is credited with a certain amount or percentage. Players are able to cash it out immediately and this type of bonus is also know as an affiliate or reward program.

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Playing Video Slots

Over 70%  of the first time visitors in a casino head for the slots. I have to admit, the idea of playing video slots online with real money. I enjoy the rush of casino games especially slots. That’s when a friend told me about LuckyRed.

High quality customer service, offered games, reliability of its payouts, Super Slots really does offer some for the best online slots. As a new customer, I asked lots of questions to the customer support, they was always friendly and quick in response.

You can play video slots by using the flash or downloadable version of their software. Just drop coins into the slot and push the button or pull the handle to start your game.

Playing Slots is very popular amongst casino players be it on or offline. The most popular slots are penny and nickel games along with quarter and dollar games. There are several ways to improve your chance to win in slot games, and these are covered in depth in our online slots strategy guide.

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Online Gambling

Whether you are a fan of Poker, Blackjack, Russian Roulette or any other game, you will be able to play it online with stakes of your choice. you need to know that there  thousands of online gambling sites on the Net.

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Online Poker Bonus Reviews

Each gambling review listed above was done by an independent party. The staff here  has done extensive testing of the poker sites software, customer service, deposit and payment options and customer fairness.  The most sites Site offers a variety of bonuses in order to offer customers a poker bonus that meets the level of your play. If you play a lot you can choose a big bonus with higher requirements or poker payback deals. If you don’t play that much choose a smaller bonus with lower requirements to clear them. Use a poker calculator to increase your wininng.

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Poker Bonus

Read Online Poker Reviews,

find exclusive bonus codes, and even take advantage of some of the No Deposit Bonus, you can get free dollars just for registering a new account. Get the highest bonuses from all leading online poker rooms like Bodog, Full Tilt, PokerStars and more.


Guide with the best offers guaranteed and exclusive free tournaments for new players. Check out the requirements attached to each room for more information and then select the bonus that suites you best. Read our in-depth reviews & improve your game with some helpful tools. Drop by our Poker Forum and let us know your progress..

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