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Optimize winning chances

Date Added: November 06, 2009 06:07:53 PM
Author: admin
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Optimizing winning chances by gambling was always a pleasant activity… creating artificial situations, inventing new mathematical solutions which you can beat the house with, or if not then to optimize or increase your chances of winning.

Remember, there is a big variety of gamblers… everybody has his/her occupation in life, but they are all gamblers, the difference between them is that for example some are smarter, or maybe their day by day life occupation is connected with mathematics or with designing casino software.And that will make the difference, because those people will have the advantage of knowing how the computer thinks, and that is not cheating. There is nothing wrong with knowing more than others. Some gamblers built up strategies by practicing in the online casino’s “play for fun” lounge, that is not illegal either…the casino offers it.

There are a lot of systems, and theoretically they all work, but the grade of the risk depends of the type of the game. It may happen that some optimizing strategies work for roulette but they don’t work for craps, even if it sounds strange, there are some games where it doesn’t matter what kind of game you play, only the stake strategy.

An example of this stake strategy is a very easy one, used by almost every professional gambler: winnings can be optimized if the stakes are put into play after the house won or after a long series in the roulette game, the chances are substantially higher if the house had a series of winnings because the balance has to be kept, thus a series of winnings for the player is sure to come.

Strategies of doubling the stakes or increasing them after a loss usually work until a certain point, but in the long run it is very dangerous, regarding the fact that in a long series you can risk even thousands of dollars for winning one dollar.

Fortunately the possibility exists, winning chances can be optimized, and maybe with a constant profit, if the right strategy is used. 

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