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There are two ways to cheat at live casino roulette, and those who are adept at doing so can and frequently do make a large amount of money at the expense of the casino. Both forms of cheating involve making late bets, and one of them even allows for the cheat being detected yet still makes money. To find where the best online roulette site out there, go visit our roulette directory

When you play roulette you are allowed to place bets after the ball has been launched, but not after the croupier has called ‘no more bets’. This is called just before the trajectory of the ball begins to slow and the ball begins to descend into the axle of the wheel. The reason you are allowed to place bets after the launch is to keep up the pace of the game.

Once the ball has started to fall, it becomes much easier to predict the segment of the wheel where the ball will come to rest, and if you can delay placing your bet that long you stand a much better chance of placing a winning bet. If the croupier notices that the bet has been placed late, she will remove it from the table, so it is common for people to work in teams with one member attempting to distract the croupier and the other member placing the bet.

Online Roulette Cheating

The second form of cheating is called ‘top-hatting’. At roulette every player has their own specially colored chips so that the bets can be differentiated. In roulette, when you place a bet upon a number that has already been but upon, you place your chips on top of those that were there already. With top-hatting you exchange some of your chips with a colleague and make up a stack that is topped with your chips but the lower portion contains your colleague’s chips.

Next you make a deliberate late bet, which is spotted by the croupier so she removes your colored chips from the layout but leaves your colleague’s chips there assuming that they had been placed before ‘no more bets’ had been called. Thus you have successfully placed a late bet.

So successful are these strategies that some casinos are installing CCTV cameras and special software designed to catch both of these cheats.

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