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The mighty desert treasure slots

Prepare for a Mighty Adventure and play Desert Treasure Slots Do you enjoy traveling the wilderness and experiencing the forces of nature? Are you a fan of playing slots? If you are all these things, and looking for a new, exhilarating pastime,

Get ready for Desert Treasure Slots! Yes, finally a game that combines the mysteries of the desert and the joys of searching for adventure with some real fortunes that can found and won! Wander through the Arabian deserts while playing and soon enough you will become a real-life Ali Baba – the owner of the grand treasure you have collected from your wins. Desert Treasure is truly thrilling – you never know what adventure or surprise bonus you will encounter next!

Camels, beetles, scorpions and a journey you will never forget. Have you ever thought you would one day play a game that features king cobras, beetles, scorpions, camels and princesses, in the midst of an Arabian desert, strewn with the occasional oasis? All these, and more, and symbols you can find our slots. Oh yes – there is also a mysterious woman waiting for to find her and she might have some very cool surprises for which could increase your winnings! What a treasure hunt, indeed! Play Desert Treasure and pretty soon you will have a treasure of your own.

200 Free Spins