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If you’re a fan of the game of roulette then one of the best online casino UK sites to play online roulette is the K1 Casino. With a long reputation in the industry, K1 provides its customers with a variety of roulette games. While some players stick to basic roulette, knowing about other kinds of roulette could provide some new excitement at the casino.

One interesting kind of roulette is a version known as Pinball Roulette. The object of this game is to make a prediction as to where the ball will end up landing on the Roulette strip. This strip is made up of the numbers 1 to 36. The spaces with the numbers are coloured red and black in an alternating fashion. There is also a zero on the strip which is in a green coloured space.

The amounts of both the maximum and minimum bets vary depending upon your status with the site. To play pinball roulette, click on a number on the board then place a neighbour bet below the board. The game provides four different buttons with betting options. Turbo bet puts the game into turbo betting mode. In this mode, the animation of the ball is skipped. Auto bet puts the game in an auto mode. The number of consecutive rounds you wish to play is chosen from 1, 2, 5 or 10. All rounds will have the same bet. Another option is repeat bet. With this button the same bet used previously is selected. Then of course, there is the standard bet button.

Once bets have been placed, they are highlighted on the roulette strip and marked with the chips. If a player wins a round, then they have a choice to make. They can opt to keep the winnings or use them to bet in a bonus round. In this bonus round a ball is launched into the pinball area. If the ball bounces against the multipliers then the player wins.